Kids Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in Ellenbrook, Western Australia

Confidence, Fitness, Self-Defence & Fun with New Friends

At Northside Jiu-Jitsu we encourage students to be themselves,  have the confidence to speak up but not the arrogance to get them in trouble. The forefront of Jiu -Jitsu is its promotion of self-defence, especially for children. In a supportive and fun learning environment, your child will be able to  reach their full potential !

Fitness, Strength and Conditioning! 

No kid likes chores (maybe some do!) but if you reconsider the chores in challenges and rewarding ventures then it becomes a game! that's how we see it at Northside Jiu-Jitsu. challenging their focus  physical endurance into fun games your child wont even realise they are working out and getting stronger and fitter. But most importantly strengthening their mind to overcome any challenge!


Discipline, Control and Self Control

An amazing benefit of the high learning challenge of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a lot of children take the “on the mat” etiquette into other areas of their life. Time and time again we have seen children respect others and themselves much more. focus their learning and listening skills in their school work and take leadership roles much more with interest and integrity.

Taking the Next Step!

When and if your child is ready to take the ultimate challenge, they may want to test their skill in competition based Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We support their decision and will work towards planning their Jiu-Jitsu game and hone their skills to be ready for battle! Competition is exciting. exhilarating and of course, challenging.  No matter the outcome of the day as long as they are proud of themselves and they did their best. We will support your child no matter! No child HAS to compete in order to get their next stripe or obtain the next belt. its just another part of the journey. 

About Our Kids Programs

Our Classes a 1 hour long, usually consisting of :                                                                          

  • Warm ups  – Single and/or solo exercises usually tailored towards the technical aspect of the classes techniques

  • Self-Defence – Working towards the “Rules of engagement” when your child is confronted with a bully. these rules are a must and be adhered to at all times to the best of the child’s’ ability.

  • Technique/position of the month – there is A LOT to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu! each month we look at one of the main positions and break down a number of techniques. these could be positional control, submissions, sweeps, guard passing.

  • Rolling – The best part about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the child gets to practice what they learn in a live “sparring” situation. The term is called “rolling” or when one child will wrestle another child to put into practice what they learn against a live reacting partner. 



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